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Verification Peace of Mind. Guaranteed.

We take the account verification process extremely seriously here at IGC.

How to verify your IGC account?
You’ll need to verify your IGC account within the next 5 business days of opening your account. To verify your account, simply do the following:

  • Verifying Your Identity
    A copy of your passport or ID card is sufficient
  • Verifying Your Proof of Address
    A copy of your bank statement or utility bill will do. A utility bill can be an electricity bill, water bill or your phone bill. We can only verify your account if your bank statement or bill includes your full name and address. It shouldn’t be older than 3 months.
  • Verifying Your Payment by Debit or Credit Card
    If you made an investment into your IGC account via your debit or credit card, please provide us with a scanned copy of the front and back sides of the card.
  • On the front side, we only need to see the first 6 and last 4 digits. For the back side, your signature needs to be visible, but please make sure to cover the C.V.V.
    See this example:
verification cart

The files need to be in the following file formats: doc, docx, pdf, jpg, or png

Invest or Top Up via Bitcoin

Depositing into your IGC trading account via Bitcoin is both easy and secure.

Simply deposit a minimum of 250 USD / EUR / GBP into our Bitcoin Wallet:

After you’ve made your investment

When you’ve finalised your BTC transaction, please contact your IGC Account Manager via phone or email and provide them with your hash address to confirm the transfer. Your Account Manager will then ensure that your funds will be allocated into your

Need any help?

If you need any assistance when it comes to making your first investment or if you want to top up your IGC trading account, feel free to speak with our Customer Care Team on

Credit Card Deposits

If you would like to make your first investment or top up your IGC trading account via your credit or debit card, please speak with a member of the IGC Customer Care Team, either via our Live Chat feature, or by contacting us by phone or email: